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5 Authors On My Auto Buy List

There are some authors whose work I will always buy. It'd be easy to call them my favourite authors, with one caveat - some of them aren't my current favourite, but they were once upon a time and I still really enjoy their stories. So, here's five authors that are on my auto-buy list (three of who bought out books in the last week, inspiring this post), whatever they publish.

C.G Drews
Even though Cait only has two books out (her debut, 'A Thousand Perfect Notes' and her latest, 'The Boy Who Steals Houses'), she makes my auto-buy list because I'm always so excited by the projects she's working on and her writing is incredible. I read TBWSH in one sitting the day after it came out, so now I have to wait who knows how long until her next book is announced and released...

Nora Sakavic
An author I got onto thanks to C.G. Drews bookstagram, the All For The Game trilogy is one of my favourite series of all time. I binge read it once, and then again, and again... Thanks to Twitter, I found out she released a new book a few days ago and had to get it immediately because I've been impatiently awaiting more of her work. I love her writing style so much and I highlight so much of her work as I read. I aspire to this level of talent.

Josh Malerman
If you haven't heard of him, you've been living under a rock. Thanks to Netflix's' 'Bird Box', his name is getting out there. I discovered him a few years ago thanks to my local bookstores' managers recommendation and he's been an auto-buy author ever since. I'm slowly but surely working through his older published stuff, but everything I've read so far, I've loved. 'Bird Box' is definitely the stand out for me, though.

Becky Chambers
'A Long Way To A Small Angry Planet' is one of my favourite books. In fact, the entire series is incredible and her world-building is so detailed that it makes me open Scrivener, find my latest project and start making subfolders for every little thing. It's on another level and half of the things she brings into the story, I'd never even considered until reading her work. The Wayfarer world is amazing and anything Becky Chambers brings out, I'm 100% buying it immediately.

J.R Ward
She publishes anything between two to four books a year and I buy them all without hesitation. Me, my best friend and my mum have been reading her books for around a decade now, maybe more, so she's definitely a nostalgic favourite. Whereas my current favourites (C.G. Drew, Nora Sakavic, Maggie Stiefvater) have a very poetic writing style, J.R. Ward writes in a very 'cut the bullshit' way and it's perfect and hilarious and every time I read her latest release I remember why I love her work.

There you have it, the five authors on my auto-buy list. Let me know your auto-buy authors in the comments and if you're a fan of any of mine!



Dyed Hair With Dare (Chilli Pop)


My favourite thing about sticking around in one place for a while is, without a doubt, being able to dye my hair whenever I want. The blue that I did at the beginning of the year had faded into a lovely colour that had insane staying power, but when I used the same brand to dye over it a violet colour it faded really quickly and I decided it was time for a bigger change. In our local Hairhouse Warehouse, I was going to go with Manic Panic but I spotted a new to me brand, Dare, and decided to give it a shot instead.

Mostly because it worked out cheaper per ml, but whatever.

I didn't get any product shots, by the way. Or, rather, I did, but they were all too blurry because I've left glasses in the car for about three weeks. Oops. 

So after dying it with violet, it faded so much, but I feel like there was more blue in person than this dark blondish colour. 

I went for Chilli Pop, wanting something that would cover up the blue properly this time. While my intention was to work through the rainbow in an order that might've been easy to cover, I'm hoping that if this red fades it neutralises the blue, leaving me with a kinda blank canvas to work with. 

For the application of Dare, you start with clean, dry hair. I'll admit that I didn't wash my hair the same day as dying, but the day before, because I didn't want to have to use the hairdryer on it. I refrained from using my usual leave-in conditioner instead, so on Sunday morning we could dye my hair ASAP. 

Immediately, we were impressed with the product. The colour showed up so vibrant and covered all the remaining colour straight away. In particular, the ends have been refusing to take any colour (because of damage, I think) but this dye covered even that too. The only bad thing was that my hair felt very knotty once we started working the product through. I think it's because it's quite a dry product in comparison to other dyes I've used. 

As always, I opted to leave it in the maximum amount of time - 30 minutes. Then I washed it out in warm water (closer to cool than hot, as recommended), conditioned, and finished with ice cold water. 

In all the photos I've taken of my hair, it's shown up this lovely orange colour but in person it's a very true red (think Hayley Williams in Crush Crush Crush or Decode). For a temporary colour, the bottle says it will last between 10 to 30 washes which is a lot more than some others usually say (average is around 7, I believe). A week on, I can confirm the colour holds really well. At least until I went swimming in chlorinated water (but now it's a lovely orangey colour that I still have no complaints about). I wash my hair on average every other day, using dry shampoo in between and while I wash my hair in just above warm water, I always finish with cold to lock in the colour. 

I bought 2 bottles of this stuff at 150mls each based on how much we used of previous dye (just over 150mls, usually), but we didn't need to touch the 2nd bottle so I'll be saving that for touch ups when the colour really fades. After that, I really want to try more of the Dare shades because Chilli Pop has come out so well, so keep an eye on the blog and instagram to see what colour I go next. Give me a month or so.

Paramore fans, tell me you're favourite Hayley Williams hair in the comments. Mine is between Misery Business with that fringe and Still Into You's split pink and orange. And please let me know your favourite dye brands because although I want to stay loyal to Dare, I also want to try some other brands too!


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