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Recent Reads #3

Last months reading update was a little insane compared to this months smaller update. In the last few weeks, we've paused our travels and found some work for the next three months, so I haven't been reading as much as I was in February. Hopefully, now that I've organized our room exactly how I want it, I'll be able to read a bit more in April. For now, though, here's what I read in March.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, #1) Noggin The Carrie Diaries (The Carrie Diaries, #1)
Summer and the City (The Carrie Diaries, #2) My Life Next Door Mirror Mirror

Yeah, I'm real late to the party with this one. It's one I always meant to read and never got around to. Luckily, my guy remembered me mentioning the movie and pointed it out to me in an op shop. I really enjoyed it so much. Just... magical, other worlds where the children are all kinda like the lost boys? It was wonderful. The photos were seriously creepy though so once it got dark I had to put the book down for the night. Definitely keeping an eye out for the rest of the series now. 

I read this one in one sitting! It was really easy to read, the voice of the narrator and MC was so unique to this book and... it was just nice, okay? It explores a boy who has his head transplanted onto another body after five years of being cryogenically frozen and the emotional aftermath of all that. All in all, I think it handles it pretty well.

I actually really enjoyed the TV series of this and fondly recall working my way through my sisters Sex And The City box set, so of course I had to pick this up when  I saw it. I definitely prefer the show (sometimes you just need great outfits and drama, ya know?) and this was definitely different (I'm pretty sure the show combined two characters into one, for example, and changed the way she meets Samantha) but I wasn't expecting anything much. I just wanted an easy read. Box checked.

I actually read this one first and found the first one in an op shop literally a day later. Again, pretty much gonna say the same about this as the last one... It was a quick, easy read with nothing too shocking happening. Although, I definitely prefer this one in terms of seeing Carrie trying to do things to be a writer.

My boyfriend laughed at me for picking this one up and I had zero expectations for it but it was such a good book! So many big family feels, I loved Levi so much and a plot twist I didn't see coming at all. I could spend a lot more time with these characters and be happy, let me tell you.

As I write this up, I'm in the middle of this book and it's okay. I really enjoy the writing style, but it's not gripping me too much. Hopefully it'll pick up and get more tense soon. 


So, the theme was pretty much YA this month... Once we were almost to Queensland, suddenly the op shops were full of newer YA titles that I've been wanting to read. I had to leave a few behind, sadly, but once you both have 10 books each piled up behind the car seat, you've gotta say no to getting anymore. Still, my current book pile is looking pretty good and I can't wait to get into it.

What books have you been reading lately? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!



Butterfingers @ Miami Marketta (Gold Coast, QLD)

 Aussie hip hop group, Butterfingers, celebrate the 15th anniversary of their 2004 debut, Breakfast At Fatboys by hitting the road and bringing their undeniably catchy beats and lyrical genius through Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

The location for tonights show: the Miami Marketta. It's a cool venue that draws one hell of a crowd and if you're seeing a gig here, I'd recommend arriving early to sample the food stalls (I can tell you first hand that the squid rings are amazing). And cash. Bring cash, because a lot of these stalls don't take card payments.

The stage is tucked away behind hanging cloth and paintings, just by the gin bar and cafeteria space. We arrive at 6pm and we're the first ones in (and the AC was so incredible that this is the only time I've wished for a jacket)... an announcement went out last night saying that the acts were going on earlier than expected, so the jury is still out on why it was so dead when it hit 6:30pm and Kobrakai jumped on stage. Did they not get the memo or were they only coming for the main event?

Kobrakai were unphased by the lack of patrons, however, and went straight into their set with plenty of enthusiasm. Unlike the rest of the line up, there's a distinct lack of hip hop influence in their set. But given Butterfingers' frontman Eddies' 'Evil Eddie' and 'Spit Fire Liar' side projects, it's easy to see why they took the stage tonight.

As they worked through their set, I couldn't decide how I felt about them. Maybe they just aren't my cup of tea, but the potential that I heard at the start of most songs quickly fell away by the chorus. I haven't listened to any of their recordings, though, and it's possible that between the small crowd and a new drummer, that it's only the live show lacking. For now.

Next up was Fresh Violet. By now more people have arrived and she storms the stage with plenty of energy. She opens with a song about breakfast. Nothing could've been a better introduction to her personality. For the next 45 minutes, she has a smile on her face, dances non stop and gives out boxes of cereal to the most active members of the crowd. Her offer to get someone else up to rap, though, is met with silence. She laughs it off, dances and fades out the track to move on to the next.

While I wasn't a big fan of the music, I loved Fresh Violets' lyrics. Though they all had a similar theme (namely, 'you can't keep me down cos I'm better than that') they were catchy, clever and even now, I've still got them stuck in my head.

By the time Butterfingers took the stage, the room was heaving. A quick call and response ("Butterfingers, butter-butterfingers!") gets everyone riled up and they waste no time jumping into the setlist (which, Eddie says, is the entire album, "unless you have any better ideas"). Looking around, the age ranges of the crowd vary. There's an old guy with a hearing aid in and there's us, in our early twenties, having only heard of Butterfingers six months ago. Breakfast at Fatboys has transcended time with it's ever amusing, ever relatable (and hilariously crude) lyricism.

Fresh Violet comes out to offer her voice of Hook Up and Piss On Ya, a song that rarely gets played since there's no regular female emcee in the band. To open the sorely missed crowd favourite, Eddie calls her on. "What are we doing?" she asks, after explaining why it took so long for her to come on stage (she'd taken her shoes off). "I'm pissin' on ya," Eddie says. The comment draws an expression of horror from Violet and laughter from the crowd, before he continues with, "actually, I was pissed on quite recently. I was camping, if that makes it any better."

He promises to tell us the full story later in favour of returning to the music, but we're still wondering.

It's hard to pin a fan favourite down. Every track was accompanied by the crowds vocals and non-stop movement from the fans. In particular, "Yo Mama" stands out as Eddie holds the mic out to the front row, handing over the job of vocalist to whoever's closest. Other personal favourites include "Everytime" and "I Love Work".

Before long, it was over and the band disappeared... but only behind the curtain, because someone had accidentally locked the stage door. Still, they make a show of disappearing and returning for an encore, where they play "Get Up Outta The Dirt", "FIGJAM", and Evil Eddie track, "Queensland". Miami Marketta have a strict 10pm cut-off and they play right until the very end, much to everyones' delight.

Between the musical talents of Butterfingers and the live show they put on, it's impossible to be disappointed by their performance. They represent some of the best of the Australian hip hop scene and if they're ever in your area, I urge you to see them live.

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