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Mungo National Park (New South Wales, Australia


You’d be forgiven for thinking the arid landscape of Mungo National Park was worth passing over - given Australias’ size, I believe any trip around the country requires some sacrifices - but, as national parks go, this one is an easy favourite

At least some of your route into Mungo National Park will be over dirt roads, but it’s an easy grade that all 4WD should be capable of doing. Like most roads in Australia, keep an eye out for animals crossing the road. These roads were great for spotting kangaroos, emus and even a blue tongue lizard. Provided you have an excellent playlist (or pro DJ in the passenger seat), the bumpy ride in will be heaps of fun as you spot all the wildlife.

With two campsites available, including toilet facilities (there were rumours of a shower in our atlas, but we couldn’t find them)and fire pits, you can call this place home for a night or two and fully enjoy all Mungo National Park has to offer. We stayed at the main campsite, which - depending on which direction you come in from - is just outside the visitors' centre. We ended up staying our first night without realising we had to pay, but we quickly corrected that the next day.

At the visitors' centre, when you pay for camping ($8.50pp), you can also pay for a self-drive tour around Mungo National Park at $8 a vehicle. Be sure to grab a leaflet while you’re at the pay station. Along the route, you’ll find sign posted numbers that relate to the numbered bits of information in the leaflet, teaching you about the area as you go along. There’s plenty of stops along the route too, including some short walks to admire the flora (during a drought, this may not seem the most impressive) and perfect picnic areas.

Ultimately, Mungo National Park is perfect to add to a relaxed itinerary, especially if you’re an animal lover. The kangaroos here are very confident around people. While we were sitting by our tent, they came along and spent some time grazing on the plant life near us. One even came so close we thought he was going to run off with our camera. The highlight, though, was on the self-drive tour. There are restrooms near the dunes and as soon as we went close to them, the kangaroos started giving us pretty obvious hints to turn the outside tap on. We got some excellent pictures of them as they drunk, with us right beside them.

Provided you arrive early, a day stop at this park is plenty but if you don’t want to be on a time crunch, I’d recommend staying over at least one night. It’s a tranquil spot and if you don’t need to, there’s not much point rushing around.

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  1. This place sounds so cool! I haven’t been to Australia but it’s definitely on my places to travel to!

    1. Ah, yes, you should definitely visit! There's so many amazing places here! :)


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