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#AQUAHAIR with L'oreal Paris Colorista Washout


After growing my hair out for two and a half years, I was excited and apprehensive to dye my hair once again.

Apprehensive because I had to lighten it to get any colour to show up and didn’t want the same harsh, obvious re-growth that I’d just recently got rid of.

Excited because duh. I live for brightly coloured hair.

I didn’t want to do the bleaching myself, though, so I visited Studio 62 in Dubbo to get it professionally done for the first time in my life. They did it so that it would grow out a little more subtle, as you can see from the photos, and lifted it to a beautiful ashy blonde that I would love to have all over my head one day, when I could guarantee I’d get it professional done on a regular basis. The photos really don’t do the blonde colour justice.

Since I’d already bought the colour I was going to cover the blonde with (on the assumption the blonde would look terrible on me), I only waited a few days before dying it again, with the help of my boyfriend.

After washing and blow drying my hair, we lazily sectioned it into four at my insistence. If I’d had some clips at my disposal, I might have done smaller sections, but I couldn’t be bothered when I was using hairbands to keep it out of the way. Of course, I highly recommend doing so if you want an even coverage. There are parts of my hair where the blonde shows through and that looks more green than blue. I’m not particularly fussed by it, but might pick up some more dye to try and even it out a little more.

We used L’oreal Paris Colourista Washout in #AQUAHAIR. Each tube contains 80mls and we used three tubes. It was covered with two, but the third was to make sure my hair was thoroughly saturated.

One of my favourite things about dying my hair is that it always feels amazingly soft afterwards and this time it was no different. Until viewing the photos, I had no idea how damaged my hair looked after the bleaching. The dye didn’t call for any conditioner to be used afterwards since it contains it, so I wasn’t sure how it would feel in the end.

As you can tell from the photos, though, my hair was in much better condition afterwards. It was silky soft to the touch. Though my ends are probably still a little dry, my hair bounds back pretty fast from any damage done to it and I rarely blow dry and straighten my hair either, so until I dye it again that’s it for the damage I’ll purposely and knowingly inflict on it.

I left the dye on for 25 minutes because I wanted a vivid colour, but the shorter you leave it on the more pastel it’s supposed to appear. I’m pretty happy with the colour, although I think my dark roots make it not seem too bright, at least to me. I love seeing it in the sun, though. I’m hoping that the colour will last about a month between only washing it a few times a week and washing it in cold water. The only unknown factor is that I swim pretty regularly now, but it’s in a salt pool, not a chlorine one, so we’ll have to see how that affects the colour.

Assuming it lasts as well as I hope, I’ll be dying it again sometime in February. There are a few different colours I want to try from this brand so I’ll be able to give a few ago and eventually be able to comment on the brand and dye overall.

Let me know your favourite hair dye brands (mine is Schwarzkopf) in the comments. Heck, send me selfies of your brightly coloured manes. I wanna see!



  1. It looks awesome! I dip dyed my hair ages ago to put some forest green/turquoise in it but my hair has been dyed black so many times that its so difficult to budge these days. I got it to a medium brown before I slapped the dye on. I liked it but I later had to trim my hair anyways and cut it off and just dyed over it haha.

    I wish I could do it like yours but I don't think my hair could take the bleaching so stuck with boring black forever (and my horrible blonde roots growing through all of the time). La Riche Directions is my favourite semi permanent dye I think. I love this look on you, you should definitely keep it!

    Avril Marie | Alternative Blogger

    1. I can't even imagine you with blonde hair!

      If you use the colour removal stuff it might help with that, but I grew my hair out to avoid the damage (and extra effort it takes to lighten it).

      Maybe you could do coloured roots instead! :)

  2. It looks pretty! I have a friend who dies her hair that color. I just stick to dying mine ash blonde haha.

    1. Thank you! Ah, I love blue hair, in any shade. I prefer it all over but this is just easier to maintain. You should experiment with some colours sometime! :)


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