There's a certain amount of irony in that last week I was posting about creating content in advance and the importance of a schedule, but this week I've missed two of my usual posting days because I failed to do what I suggested, and what I normally do.

I'm finishing this post late in the afternoon on a Thursday, with no plans of working on any other posts once this is done. I've got no intentions of stopping this blog - I'm happy with it, I love writing for it... but I'm just a little wrapped up in other projects right now, as you'll find out later in this post.

For now, here's a run down of things I've read, watched and enjoyed last month. It was a light reading month, a heavy watching month and a semi productive month on the writing front.

All Blue So Late: Poems

All Blue So Late, Laura Swearingen-Steadwell - So, when I read the first poem, I thought that I was going to love this. Unfortunately, the next didn't impress me. Or the one after that. Or after that. For such a strong start, I really didn't enjoy this poetry book.

The Last Ship Poster Man Down Poster Gavin & Stacey Poster Community Poster

The Last Ship - I love all things end of the world so this appealed to me as soon as I saw it on Stan. Combine that with the navy (thanks, NCIS, for that obsession), it even appealed to Neil. We powered through it and although I think they found the cure too early, overall I have zero complaints about this show. Plus, my favourite character didn't die until season 2, episode 11 (which was heartbreaking, of course, but a lot later than I thought it would happen).

Man Down - To counteract the doom and gloom of disease and war, we turned to Greg Davies. He makes a brilliant (miserable) teacher and the rest of the cast is just as great. My favourite character is Brian, a stickler for the rules type whose absolutely perfect in every way and I won't hear anything bad about him. I'm waiting for him to have his own spin-off, to be honest.

Gavin & Stacey - Somehow we managed to avoid this popular show when it was originally airing, but Stan has a wonderful 'every episode ever' section and we decided to give it a shot. I'm ashamed to say we somehow watched the whole series in two days? It's easy watching, what can I say, but christ, I cringed a lot. 'Well lush', lad culture that I don't understand and WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED ON THAT FISHING TRIP ANYWAY? 

Community - We actually watched the first 5 seasons two years ago (what a great week that was) but couldn't find season 6 until recently. We were reluctent to watch it anyway, having heard nothing but bad things about it and... yeah. It was a huge disappointment, basically, and I need to rewatch the first 5 seasons and erase my memory of season 6 so I can live happily again knowing that Community is a work of pure genuis. 

The IT Crowd Poster Workaholics Poster The Detour Poster The End of the F***ing World Poster

The IT Crowd - Why is this series so short? It should go on forever! I feel like this used to be a popular series that I decided sounded lame and put off watching, but I regret that now because I need more of it, asap. I'm pretty sure we watched this is about 3 days (we had work... it could've been less).

Workaholics - This show was picked out of desperation and both Neil and I were pretty sure we were gonna hate it. And we kinda did? For, like, an episode. But then we realised we had watched the first season without realising and now we've watched it all and I'm really sad it's over. I need more of my favourite three guys. 

The Detour - Another desperate choice, and this one shows a little. I have mixed feelings about this show, even after watching every episode currently avaliable. I do, however, admire them for basing the plot on the U.S mail service instead of the FBI or CIA like most shows would. 

The End of the F***king World - The title is what drew me in, but I'll be honest, I won't be watching anymore of this series than I already have (and I like to complete TV shows, even if I hate them). I don't know how many episodes I 'watched' but I think it was three. They all blended into one another and I don't remember anything, but I know it didn't hold my attention. Obviously. Hence not remembering anything.

Snakes on a Plane Poster Non-Stop Poster Escape Plan Poster The Dukes of Hazzard Poster

Snakes On A Plane - I'm not sure why we watched this or how I've made it to 2018 without seeing it before, but we were struggling to find a movie, not feeling like a TV show or anything that requires concentration and figured anything would do. While the snakes were terrible, it wasn't actually as bad as we thought it would be. We enjoyed the ending the most, though.

Non-Stop - After Snakes On A Plane, I don't know why we fancied another film where everyone was trapped in a metal bird for the foreseeable future, but again... we were in one of those moods where it's hard to decide what to watch. But oh my God, it was... good? The premise isn't terrible and there's a little bit of suspense and mind play and it wasn't anything we expected. There was also an incredible zero-gravity, slow-mo shot towards the end of the movie that I could watch for hours. 

Escape Plan - The premise of this movie hooked us immediately but I'm not sure what our expectations for it were. Again, it surprised us with some twists we weren't expecting. The casting for this movie was spot on too. We quite like Vinnie Jones and, though he's pretty much typecasted, he plays a bad guy so well that I don't care. I'm also willing to say this is Arnold Schwarzeneggers' best role, too.
The Dukes of Hazzard -  Neils' choice of film, but it was somewhat entertaining. I like the accents and I fell a little in love with Luke because, well, who wouldn't? I'm there for the sidekicks, y'all. It's ridiculous, but whatever.

The Open House Poster Open Season Poster Open Season 2 Poster Open Season 3 Poster

The Open House - This one is... not really memorable, at all. It didn't ever really hook me, for a few reasons. First, it was really slow to start with. I mean, technically the pacing was fine. It's a long movie. But the set up took half an hour when it could've easily took up ten instead. And then it just seemed like the amalgamation of a lot of movies, from that one with the mum and the two ghost kids who were allergic to sunlight when they were alive who don't know they're dead and think their house is haunted and some other, just as forgettable 'horrors' that take place in an old house out of the way. There's nothing different about this film and the suspense was boring, not suspenseful.

Open Season 1 - Does anyone ever really grow out of kids cartoon films? I mean, really? I'll admit that the only reason we started watching this is because we couldn't be bothered to keep searching... but we liked the characters so much that we had to watch the sequel...

Open Season 2 - ...and the seqeul to the sequel...

Open Season 3 - ...and they were all great, but the first one is the best, of course.

Super High Me Poster Pacific Rim Poster

Super High Me - A documentary about a comedian going 30 days without getting high and then 30 days for getting high, while recording the effects it has on him... FYI, he's a terrible comedian when he's sober, but that's just my opinion. I feel like they could've done more testing and science stuff, really taken advantage of these two months of extremes to find out more about how marijuana affects the body, but it wasn't bad.

Pacific Rim - This movie is brilliant, so with the sequel coming out this year, I had to a) re-watch it for myself and b) introduce Neil to it so that we can go and see it when it comes out. Great cast, excellent soundtrack... 2013 was such a great year for cinema, wasn't it?

 The cover consists of a white background with a purple VHS tape in the center. On the VHS label is the band's name in black as well as the album's name written in purple. 

I've made a bit more effort to use Spotify this month, by which I mean I actually bothered logging in to change my country so that I could access it again, and have been taking full advantage of the new release section. Without a doubt, Waterparks 'Entertainment' is my favourite album so far (every song is so catchy) but the other two are pretty decent too. I've also had Kalina Tyne's Caffeine EP on repeat all afternoon.

This month, I've taken to continue writing There Are Worse Ways To Die. I started it last year and dropped it for a while, but it's a story I'm really excited to continue. Admittedly, I didn't get as much done on it as I wanted to, but let's just think positive for now. It's starting to come together and that's better than nothing.

In other news, I decided to get Wattpad. What am I doing with that Wattpad account, you ask? Well, other than reading loads of really good stories that are still in progress and leave me frustrated because I need the ending now, I'm not a patient person damnit, I decided that I'll be posting Seafarer as I edit it so you can expect updates at least once a week, if not more... I'm aiming for more, to be honest, because I've been getting good feedback so far and just want to share this story with the world already.

Since I've requested a ton of new reading material on Netgalley, I'm hoping that I do a bit more reading this month (how am I already behind on my Goodreads goal?) and continue to edit Seafarer... I'm enjoying it so much, but I'm sure I'll tire of making sure I'm using an active voice the whole time. Each chapter is taking so long.

How was January for you? Tell me all about it in the comments and don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date on the latest posts!