On our search for farm work at the start of the year, we drove through Yarra Ranges National Park a few weeks ago. We knew we'd be returning to explore the area more. Before setting off on this particular journey, we looked on the park website but ultimately just followed the SatNav to the area before making it up as we went along.  

We came across a sign for a lookout and followed in along a winding, rocky road upwards to discover this trail at Mt St Leonard Summit. It's a short hike, at just 1.2km, but is on an incline for most of the way. We saw another trail leading off it, too, but decided that we'd return on a day when we were better prepared as that was 7.5km. 

Just the evening before, we'd purchased bug repellant - and it was needed. The moment we stepped out the car, flies were buzzing around our ears and landing on us. We sprayed ourselves with the repellant before setting off on our walk, which made it bearable, but flies are just an unfortunate fact of Australia. 

At the top we discovered two look outs, only one which was accessible to the public. The other was a fire watch tower with so many stairs that I'm glad it wasn't open to us. The views went on for miles in every direction. We spent a few minutes up on the lookout tower before taking the trail back down. 

Along the way, I snapped some photos of the flora. I recently rediscovered the manual setting and won't be going back to auto anytime soon. Pictures are way better on manual. (This does mean I need to remember to take my glasses everywhere). 

It's taken a while, but now we have a car and we're both working, we're making more of an effort to explore Victoria while we're here. There are a few places that we're looking forward to visiting. Unlike in England and Taiwan, we've had little luck with brown interest signs taking us anywhere worthwhile, but we're starting to get the hang of finding nice places.

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