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With a fresh new year ahead, you may find yourself recommitting to making your blog better than ever over the coming months. It's a great feeling to do a massive overhaul - of your written content, your visual content, your overall brand... but that can be pretty overwhelming. Instead of burning out trying to do everything at once, pick one or two tasks that can be done in less than a day. 

Check out these 13 ways to improve your blog today.

Update your pages.

It's easily overlooked, but your about and contact pages probably get more hits than you realize. Make it easy on fans (and brands) by taking some time to update your pages with any relevant information and up to date contact details.

Take new photos.

I'm guilty of using old photos myself, but getting new images for my site and socials is at the top of my to-do list. Rope a friend into helping you out if you can. It's nice to put a face to the name and that selfie you took 3 years ago (guilty) needs to be changed. 

Add links to old posts.

Anything that involves going through old posts can be a bit tedious, but if you've since written related content and not linked to it in older posts, you could be missing out on a lot of traffic. It's easy to remember to put links to old posts in new ones, but not so much for the opposite direction. You can do it all at once or tackle a few posts at a time. Just add those links in. And if you're trying to earn an income through your blog, make sure you have affiliate links where you can!

Reply to comments.

Unless you're getting hundreds of comments a day, replying to comments is fairly easy to keep up with. If you're not in a good routine with it, start replying to any backlog and get into the habit of spending a few minutes each day to stay up to date with it. It's just polite. If you get lots of comments, you're not going to get judged for missing a "nice!" comment but when your readers put in the effort to craft a thoughtful comment, please say thank you at the very least. 

Easy to navigate.

From your menu to your side bar, your site needs to be easy to navigate for your readers. Sticky navigation, social icons front and center, subscription locations in obvious places... think about what you look for when you find a new blog you love and make sure those things are easy to find - ideally in sight immediately upon landing.

SEO friendly.

Another tedious job and one I have a love/hate relationship with, but edit your posts to make them a little more SEO friendly. The rule I try (key word) to abide by is this: use your title (or a variation of) in your first sentence. Do as I say, not as I do, because I don't always do it. It's also important to sprinkle key words throughout your posts too. 

Schedule social media posts.

The days that I bother sharing links to my blog posts online (usually twitter, thanks to Buffer) are the days I see the best results on my blog. If you're putting the work in to provide great content, make sure you're getting it out in front of people too. Once a day, take some time to schedule your posts to go up across your social channels. 

Update tags.

As you plan out your content, whether it's entering new territories for you or just improving upon what you already post about, consider updating your tags to make them a little more relevant to the categories you have. For example, all my travel posts get tagged with travel, the continent, the country and the specific place within the country, whereas my monthly wrap up posts will have a sole label of lifestyle. Similar to point 5, thinking about your tags makes it a lot easier for your readers to get around. 

Buy your domain.

If you haven't already, show the world how seriously you're taking your blog by getting a .com. It doesn't cost a lot for the year, but really changes how others (and yourself) percieve your blog. You don't even have to go self-hosted for it! I use GoDaddy and it doesn't take long to buy it and set it up. 

Call to action.

It's easy to forget, but sometimes all anyone needs is a gentle reminder to leave a comment at the end of a post. Instead of just saying, "leave a comment", ask them to leave a comment "with your favourite travel tips/telling me about your holidays/sharing blahblahblah". Whatever your content is, make your call to action relevant and fun to get more engagement on your posts. 

Start a mailing list.

If you're taking your blog seriously, it's time to get a mailing list (says me, who doesn't yet have this sorted). Rather than relying on social media channels you have no control over, a mailing list lets you reach out to subscribers on a more personal level. While I don't agree with the statement that all mailing list subscribers are dedicated readers, I do believe it helps reach your audience a little more. It could be automatic blog posts to their inbox or a newsletter sent out regularly with exclusive content. Whatver it is, start your mailing list today.

Publish a new post.

Even though visuals are more important than ever, content is still king and it always will be. If you haven't posted since September 2017, publish something ASAP! I check back on my favourite blogs daily, but when I see someone hasn't updated in a while, I lose interest. Keep people interested in what your writing by actually posting new content.

Get a new look.

New year, new me, new look, am I right? You work hard on your site and it deserves a makeover. Themes can be bought at very affordable prices, so even if you can't afford to get someone to design your website, you can still get a new look within your budget. My old theme was from Pipdig and my partner uses their themes too. They're so easy to install and the team get back to you so quickly if you need any help! In fact, they've given me a discount code for the first 10 readers to use it, so if you're in the market for a new theme, I hope it can help you. Use the code 'ek18bw' for 10% off. It's first come, first served, so hurry! 

As much as making a huge change all at once is satisfying, it's a lot easier and less mentally draining to take it one task at a time. Each small thing you do for your blog adds up and helps improve it. Hopefully, this post has given you an idea of where to start if you get stuck. 

I'm looking forward to writing more posts on the subject of blogging, so please let me know what sort of topics you'd like covered in the future. 

What other small tasks can bloggers take on to improve their blog? Leave a comment sharing your suggestions!