As much as we love heading without a plan, over the last few months it's become obvious that if you want to do anything while in Australia, it takes a little planning. With that in mind, and knowing that our time in Victoria will eventually end, I've spent a little time making a list of things to do before we leave.

Then I narrowed it down to the things I really want to do before we leave to share with you. So, here it is.

1. The Grampians

As soon as I saw a photo of the Grampians, it shot to the top of my must-see list. I currently have a list of GPS markers, car parks and trails that we should take when we get round to it. Neither Neil or myself are fitness freaks or avid hikers, so we'll have to see how long the trails are and how healthy we're feeling when we get there before we commit to anything. Either way, I don't want to leave Victoria without visiting the Grampians first.

In all honesty, I don't have that much interest in museums as a general rule. Unless you offer something special, like the interactive science museum in Valencia, Spain, then there's little chance I'm going in. But a police museum? That's something different, and as I haven't been able to watch any NCIS in the last few months and aren't currently working my way through any crime shows at the moment, I have to get my fix somewhere.

Escape rooms have grown in popularity over the last few years and the one we stumbled upon while in the Lake District was so much fun that we've been desperate to return to one. There's plenty of rooms in different locations around Melbourne to choose from, each with different themes. While I'd love to do them all, we don't have unlimited funds, so I've narrowed my choices down to Casino Heist; Forensic; and Jail Break. But honestly, all the rooms look incredible.

There's a lot of pressure on restaurants to do more than put good food on a plate nowadays, which means unique experiences like eating in the dark or on in an old train carriage are all the rage. While I'm not thrilled at being in a tram carriage with up to 36 people, at least everyone will be sat down and on their best behavior, right? Prices start at $90 (AUS) per person and it's a fixed menu, meaning it'll be an expensive treat... and I'll need to be in an adventurous mood if I want to actually eat. 

While we've been around this area before, there's plenty more to do and I'd like to return. The website has a helpful list of popular trails, including ones with the best views, difficult to find art studios and pick your own farms. I'm sure you could spend a couple of days around Dandenong Ranges without running out of things to do and Yarra Valley is such an incredibly picturesque area that it can't be missed.

6. Phillip Island

It's a popular tourist spot for the famous penguin parade, but I'd love to spend a day or two at Phillip Island exploring the area. Even if you skip the nature park, there's plenty of sights to see just walking around. They also have a lot of motorsports going on on Phillip Island, which I know Neil would be interested in seeing.

7. Horse Ride On The Beach At Mornington Peninsula

The last time we went horse riding was in Wales and it was such a fun experience that we're both keen to do it again. Given that Mornington Peninsula has some incredible beaches, I'm sure it'll make an amazing back drop for a few hours horse riding.  Alongside that activity, we'd like to do some other things in Mornington Peninsula too.

It's an iconic location in Melbourne and I can't resist a theme park of any sort. It could be a haunted house train ride on a pier or something that rivals Thorpe Park, but if there are rides, I want to go. The only issue with theme parks is whether they have a maximum height restriction on rides. It's not a problem for me, but my partner is kinda tall...

9.  Melbourne's Iconic Laneways - AC/DC Lane, Hosier Lane, etc...

One thing that Melbourne has a lot of is graffiti. And it's good graffiti. It's everywhere. But I'd like to brave the CBD one more time before we leave Victoria to check out the laneways full of incredible art. Besides, my instagram is lacking colour and this could be just what it needs to brighten it up. #doitforthegram

There's so many other things on the list, from restaurants to galleries to cinemas, but since we're not huge fans of cities, we avoid going into the CBD too frequently. None the less, hopefully we can start ticking some items of the list soon.

If you've been to Melbourne before, let me know in the comments what places you think should make the must-see list and, if you've enjoyed this post, subscribe to stay up to date with future posts like it!