The only thing more motivating than a new week or a new month is a new year and I've been thinking about my goals for 2018 since approximately September 2017 because I'm way too keen. I actually have a list of 52 things I want to achieve this year (being ambitious has never been my problem; being disciplined enough to achieve things is) but I'm going to keep that list on the down low. Instead, I'm just going to share some of the more realistic goals I'm working towards.

Write 4 novels.

As I mentioned in my last monthly wrap up, I have the 4 novels I want to work on this year already planned out and I have divided up the year to account for planning and writing them. There's not a lot of wriggle room because I have other projects that I want to work on too, but I'm hoping to have at least the first draft of 4 novels. A big part of the reason I want to write that many novels this year is just to improve my writing skills, to be honest.

Share 12 original songs.

I suck at focusing on one thing and I have so much fun playing and writing music. I shared an original song with my mum and best friend, and even though they are biased I like to believe they were being honest when they said it was good and I should share it. With that in mind, I'm planning on sharing one song a month. I did start planning a more intense posting schedule for a music channel, but I decided to par it back since that required a lot more than I actually have right now (namely, a regular home, more instruments, better production skills, etc). I have a guitar and a phone camera to film on, so that's what I'm working with.

Read 78 books.

Sure, I failed to reach my goal of 52 books last year but I almost got there, so I want to push myself a little more this year. I go through phases where I read a lot and then not at all, but fingers crossed for more regular reading. Most of my reading is done on the kindle app on my iPod, which leads me to getting easily distracted, but my partner and I have been visiting every op shop and scouring the bookshelves for affordable reading material. Since we have a car, we can have a few more things than we allowed ourselves in Taiwan.

Get a new tattoo and piercing.

I have a list of tattoos I want on my phone and there's so many piercings I want to add (mostly to my ears, but a couple to my face) so I'm hoping to get something done this year. I almost got a tattoo as a Christmas present, but couldn't find somewhere I wanted to get it done in time. Maybe for my birthday in February? I don't know yet...

Switch out shaving for sugaring.

I want to make more environmentally friendly choices and this is one of them. Rather than using razors, I want to start sugaring which is like waxing but using all natural ingredients. It's supposed to be better for your skin too and eventually reduces hair growth which I'd be extremely happy with. My concerns is that it may hurt (I don't wax for a reason) and if I could do it over tattoos without ruining them. If you have any knowledge of sugaring and have the answers to my concerns (well, the second one) please let me know in the comments!

Improve photography skills.

I used to spend so much time with my camera, going out to take pictures and arranging photoshoots with friends, but my eyesight is really shit and I can't use it on manual without glasses anymore. As a result, I haven't really bothered to use my camera properly in years (glasses steam up easy, bro) but I want to try and fix that in 2018. I'm going to try and deal with wearing glasses while taking photos because I don't want contact lenses, but we'll see how it works out. In the meantime, if you're in Australia and want some photos taken, send me a message and if I'm nearby we can arrange something.

Get a full driving license.

I've had a UK learners permit since I was 17, but I failed the theory test by 1 point and didn't have the income to pursue it anymore at the time. Cars are expensive. Living in London, it wasn't worth it anyway. Even when I moved to Hampshire, I didn't bother because all my disposable income was marked for travel plans. So, this year, I'm going to get myself an Aussie learners permit and sit the exam. There's a lotta land to cover and two drivers are needed if we want to explore as much of Australia as possible. Plus, I love driving so it's gotta be done.

Upgrade my camera.

Even though I love my camera, I bought one with no filming capabilities and would like to upgrade to a camera that I can use for photography and filming. There are a few creative projects I'd like to try out that require filming ability. If we upgrade, we'll be selling the old camera and the funds will go towards the new one (which will likely be second hand). With that in mind, we should be able to upgrade it sometime this year.

Get 2nd year visa for Australia.

This is one goal that should be achieved fairly early in the year as we've started looking for farm work and will be doing it as soon as we leave Melbourne at the end of February. We don't want to push it too close to the end of our current visa. By June, we should be able to apply for it. A year is just not a long enough time to do all the traveling we want to here and save for our next travel adventure.

Get business cards.

I've been debating getting business cards for a while but was reminded of it the other day by a housemate when he asked if I had one. It'll definitely make it easier to share this site when I meet people and is a small, relatively inexpensive thing to do for my career (whatever that may be...). 

Be more active.

Part of this resolution is because I've gained a stone since leaving England and would like to shift it, but also because I love doing things like kayaking and hiking but never really make much time for them. I also want to try some new things, like rock climbing. Hopefully 2018 will be filled with adventure.

Eat less meat.

Vanity strikes and I'll admit, I want to eat less meat for my weight and skin because I've always seen the best results on a mostly vegetarian diet. While there's also the animal/environmentally friendly reasons behind it too, I'm not gonna lie. It's mostly vanity driving me. I do enjoy meat, though, so I'm just going to eat less of it. I'll probably eat it when I'm out, but at home, I'm definitely going to cut back to once or twice a week instead of every day.

What are your goals for 2018? Tell me all about them in the comments!