I'm guilty of wasting hours on iTunes looking at albums avaliable for pre-order and there's a few bands and musicians, old and new, who are coming out with new music this year. Although I feel like I fail to keep up with new releases nowadays (it was never an issue when I was younger and I'm not sure when that changed), I try to make an effort. There's old favourites, like Franz Ferdinand and The Wombats, that I will auto-buy any time they release new music, but a surprising amount of this list consists of bands I've not listened to before. Luckily, if I like one track on an album, I tend to like them all, which makes finding new music to get excited about really easy!

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are 12 albums that I'm eagerly awaiting the release of in 2018.

(I put in the album covers I could find. I'll add the missing ones in at a later date).

Fall Out Boy, Mania

I'll admit that I don't listen to much of Fall Out Boys' more recent music but I appreiciate it, in particular Patrick Stumps' vocals, and everything I've heard so far is pretty damn catchy and has a hot summer, bokeh effect kinda feeling to it. 'The Last of the Real Ones' is probably my favourite so far. It's a jam.

Franz Ferdinand, Always Ascending

Franz Ferdinand is one of my favourite bands and it feels like it's been forever since they've released anything new. The title track, 'Always Ascending', sums up their sound really well. I'm confident that it won't be like when The Strokes released Future Present Past (AKA a complete disappointment) and won't destroy the idea I have that they can do no wrong.

The Wombats, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life

I've been listening to 'Lemon to a Knife Fight' and 'Turn' so much since they've come out and my enthuasim for this album is endless. They've maintained the sound they're known for and their lyric game is 100%. Anything from The Wombats throws me back to when I saw them live, so perhaps nostaglia is too blame for my excitement for this album.

Waterparks, Entertainment

Since I first heard 'Blonde', it's been stuck in my head and I honestly can't wait for more. While I still need to check out this bands previous albums, I have zero doubt that Entertainment will be one of my most played albums in 2018. I'm a sucker for an acoustic number, too, so even if 'Blonde' hadn't won me over, 'Lucky People' easily would have. Also, while writing this post I discovered they are on tour in Australia with As It Is and I absolutely need to go.

Ducking Punches, Alamort

The best way to describe my music taste is 'teenagers in their parents garage making noise together' and Ducking Punches has that down, in the best way possible. They have a chaotic, emotion fueled sound that I can't resist and as soon as I started listening to 'Smoking Spot' this album went straight onto my iTunes wishlist (which is extremely legnthy at this point in time so if anyone would like to purchase everything on it for me I'd be grateful forever).

The Hell Yeah Babies, All the Things That You Believe

There's something about the old school vibe on 'Attababy' that had me hooked. Between the instrumentation, the vocals and the lyrics, it's a really fun, feel good album that I'm looking forward to blasting in the car at unacceptable volumes for 11pm on a residential street. Every single track is avaliable to preview on iTunes, too, so I've listened to snippets of the whole album already and am predicting my favourites will be 'Post-Punk, Post-Love' and Ms. Miss Me Yet'.

Owl City, Cinematic

A slight departure from the rest of the bands on this list so far, but Owl City was probably one of the first artists I listened to that made me truly appreiciate music production. I'll always be a sucker for live instruments, but I have a soft spot in my heart for electro-pop. Ocean Eyes was one of my most listened to albums when it came out. I wonder if this will be the 2018 replacement for it.

Anderson East, Encore

I love singer-songwriters and 'King For a Day' won me over with it's soulful sound reminescent of Ray Lamontage and John Mayer. 'Girlfriend' is the song I'm happy to name as my favourite though, the chorus amusing me more than it should. While I've shown a preference for gentler singer-songwriters in the past, it's hard to ignore how incredible this album is shaping up to be. From what I've heard so far, it'd be amazing to hear live.

Liz Anne, Fine But Dying

'Paranoia' is a catchy opening track that showcases brutally honest lyrics and Liz Annes' gentle voice. Just the previews of this album have me suspecting that Fine But Dying will be 2018's answer to Frightened Rabbits' Painting of a Panic Attack in 2016. There's never enough albums that are this straight talking, but the track listing has me hopeful.

Funeral Shakes, Funeral Shakes

Upon first impressions, Funeral Shakes reminded me of Go Now and Live from We Are The Ocean which is easily one of my all time favourite albums. Both 'Over You' and 'Lightning' got stuck in my head after listening and demonstrate a cohesive sound from the band that has me pretty excited for the rest of the album. 'Howl', of course, is that song I can't wait to hear for the first time.

Ball Park Music, Good Mood

'The Perfect Life Does Not Exist' reeled me in with an acoustic guitar and layered vocals before the rest of the band kick in. Lyrically depressing but musically upbeat, Ball Park Music are a new band for me but what I've heard so far I've loved. There's something about their music that reminds me of The Kinks, but I can't quite pin it down. At the end of the day, it sounds like Good Mood is going to be a great album to play on a road trip.

Escape the Fate, I Am Human

Without even listening to the whole album, I can confidently say 'Do You Love Me' is going to be my favourite on this album and stuck in my mind the way 'Situations' was back in high school. Overall, the songs I've heard from this album so far have an anthem feel to them and I can tell it's going to be a great album to hear live. If you have the chance to see them this year, please go and then tell me all about it.

The latter half of 2017 saw me return to the albums and artists I grew up listening to, be it new or old, and looking at this list I can definitely see a theme going on, bar Owl City and some singer-songwriters. Regardless of genre, I'm really excited by the music coming out this year.

 Tell me in the comments below the albums you can't wait for this year!