Kaohsiung is one of the top destinations in Taiwan for tourists and natives to visit. With that in mind, we made sure to schedule ourselves a few days in the country to really enjoy it to the max. The weather was perfect the whole weekend and it really is the kind of place that's worth staying for a while. 

After dropping our bags off at the motel, we spent the afternoon walking around the famous Lotus Lake. We didn't expect it to take up too much time, but between stopping for drinks (we tried a cane sugar drink that I thought was disgusting and Neil said takes 'an acquired taste') and resting in the shade occasionally, it took us a few hours. 

I'm not sure what either of us expected, but it was a lot larger than we imagined. There are a few things to do around the lake, too, like a water-ski-surf-type place that looked incredible. Unfortunately, I didn't give it a shot because it was going to be closed the following day, but if we return, I'll be trying it out. 

We returned to our motel after a while to take full advantage of the main reason we'd booked that specific place - the double bath with jets. There was a TV and a few freebies for the bath, like salts, but they were nothing special. 

A few hours later, refreshed from the long day in the sun, we went for a classic English pub dinner at Conway's. I plan on doing a post on places to eat in Kaohsiung, so I'm not going to focus on food today, but it was delicious. 

We borrowed bikes from the motel the next day and rode all the way to the zoo. Up a hill. Up a hill that was more like a mountain. But once we got up there, we were greeted by the cheapest entrance fee ever - at $40NTD/£1 and delicious ice cream. Not only that, but the zoo was pretty quiet, which was pretty much our experience at Taipei Zoo too. 

They didn't have any unusual enemies, and some of the enclosures were empty, but the crocodile was my favourite. We sat in front of the glass for a while, watching him duck under and above the water and returned to him before we left. I was taken with it, let's be honest here. 

On our ride home we stopped at a cafe/bakery place to get coffee, hot chocolate and a few different choices of bread and went out to a disappointing night market for dinner, before backtracking to a burger restaurant that we'd passed early that day. I couldn't recommend borrowing a bicycle more when you're in Kaohsiung. You can travel much more ground and it's 100% worth it, especially if you're only around for a few days and just staying in one place the whole time.

If you don't want quite as much exercise, Koahsiung does have an underground system, but we didn't spend any time in the city and never used it.

Our last day in Kaohsiung was spent, yet again, cycling, this time towards the sea. We followed the Love River and Neil got a puncture halfway, slowing us down for a while, but luckily there was a bike shop nearby to get it fixed (as always in Taiwan, for a very reasonable price).  

After that little bump in our plans, we made it to the sea where we easily found an ice cream shop. Again, I'll mention the place in a Kaohsiung eateries post, but it was pretty good ice cream (if a rather large portion for myself, who'd chosen a chocolate flavour). 

Though we were hoping to come across a beach to spend some time on, the only one one we came across was private, accessible only by a hotel, so we made the long return back to our hotel complaining about our sore butts the whole way because when you suddenly start cycling everywhere daily, damn you can feel it

Our weekend in Koahsiung was pretty chill, all things considering, and the weather was great the whole time. As is our usual routine for exploring Taiwan, we'd go out early and come back late afternoon. If you're there for longer or prefer to travel a little more fast-paced, you could squeeze a hell of a lot more into your time there. 

If you're travelling to Taiwan and not sure what places are worth visiting, listen to the hype. Koahsiung should be at the top of your list.

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