We took the slow train from Chiayi to Tainan. Unlike our previous accommodation, the hotel we were staying in was on the outskirts of the city centre. That didn't bother us, though, because we planned on walking towards the sea (which was deceptively far) and hiring bicycles for the day.

It was a hot day, but there was a breeze, so our walk was bearable. It was pretty much a straight walk the whole way. There was no chance we were going to get lost. It did take us a few hours, though, with stops along the way. We were following the river, so there were no shops along the way. Before we hired bikes at our destination, we stopped at a 7-11 to rehydrate. 

Our bike hire was inexpensive. It was early afternoon when we got the bikes, and for $200TWD/£4.10GBP total we had them until 6pm. If you arrive earlier, the price is still the same and if you want an extra half an hour, all you have to do is ask. They were very friendly and even called a taxi for us when we returned since we couldn't be bothered with the long walk back to the hotel.

The best discovery of Tainan was Chiao Tou Beach. It didn't take us long to cycle to the sea and when we did we found a hidden path leading to a gorgeous, empty stretch. After all the time spent under the sun, we couldn't resist the lure of the ocean. We braced ourselves for the chill of the sea, but when the waves rushed over our feet we were pleasantly surprised. It was warm enough to dive straight into. In fact, it didn't even cool us down! Still, it was a refreshing swim. 

We relaxed on the beach for a while, enjoying the peace and quiet. A few surfers showed up after some time, and we decided to continue cycling around. We ran over boiling sand, brushed it off and hopped on our bikes. Tainan has some decent cycling paths and we followed one around a port. It was a large area, so once we'd done that we returned our bikes and went back to the hotel.

Our time in Tainan was active, but we weren't in any hurry so the day was very relaxing. It set the tone for the rest of our trip around Taiwan. We continued to cycle around our future destinations too, finding it an excellent way to cover more ground without missing anything.

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