When in Chiayi, there was one thing Neil and I knew we wanted to do - and that was go to the night market. We chose our accommodation for its conveniently close location to Wenhua Road. Since I'm a fussy eater, as we worked our way through the market, Neil chose the food and I surprised even myself by being adventurous enough to try a bite of everything.

Admittedly, duck wraps aren't the most adventurous item on the list tonight. But we started strong with something we both liked. A light wrap encased duck, cucumber, sauce and various other ingredients. It was the other ingredients that I wasn't a fan of, but with some adjustments I'd happily chow down on these again.

Onto something weirder, the sweet potato cakes surprised me. The choice of flavours was between cheese and pepper... so, ultimately, it wasn't even a choice. It was a need. We went for cheese filling. I find the bread in Taiwan to be too sweet for my tastes and I don't like sweet potato, but I did like this. The texture took a little getting used to and the cheese to potato ratio needed a little work, in my opinion, but with more cheese, I'd happily have these again.

 I wasn't brave enough to try Neils' favourite food of the evening, honey aiyu. Since I don't like honey, despite how cool the dish look, I didn't even bother trying it. With no drink to wash the taste out, I couldn't bring myself to. However, I've been informed that it was very refreshing.

My favourite food of the night was the Oreo flavoured imagawayki. It's a street food that Neil has enjoyed multiple times, but until Chiayi we hadn't found a flavour I would like. As soon as I saw Oreo on the stand, I knew I had to try it. Predictably, it was delicious. It came in the shape of paws and with four in a portion for $50NTD/£1.25, it was a tasty treat.

On our way back to the hotel, we passed a kebab stand and Neil picked up one for the road. Though I didn't try the whole thing, I did try the meat and it was delicious. It was coated in curry powder, but they gave us the option.

To keep me hydrated as we explored the night market, I went to my favourite tea shop and purchased a lemon tea. Though all tea shops are pretty similar, I'll always choose DaYung's over Coco, Kung Fu Tea or anywhere else. There's so many tea shops to choose from, independent and chain, so there is bound to be something you'll like. 

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