When we visited Painted Animation Lane in Taichung, we'd had grander plans. Rainbow Village was on our itinerary too, but when we'd finished with this wonderful lane of art work, we realised Rainbow Village was no longer pinned on the map. Despite the best laid plans of mice and men not going the way we hoped (they never do), we had a great day in Taichung.

The lane is a popular attraction. Plenty of people can be found with DSLRs slung around their neck, posing with their favourite animated characters and admiring the paintings. In fact, the crowd bottlenecking at the start of the lane was the main reason we found it so easily. 

Crowd aversive, as always, we went straight down the lane to find where the work began. It's not the biggest area, so our trip through Painted Animation Lane didn't last long. The first few things we saw weren't that impressive - they looked like something a hobbyist artist might draw on their school work (we've all been there, am I right?). 

The rest of the lane is much more impressive. A good rule of thumb, anywhere in the world and particularly in Asia, is that if there's a crowd, it's worth a look. We braved the tourist hoards that weren't going to disappear anytime soon and wandered around to look at the rest of the art work. 

Old games wrapped around walls, new ones stood where everyone could see them, beloved characters lent against walls...

My favourite of the bunch, naturally, was Spidey. It's no secret that he's my favourite superhero. It's not pictured, but there's a larger piece that has multiple characters from lots of different shows. I had fun finding my favourites! Characters from animes as old as Yu-Gi-Oh and as new as Sword Art Online made an appearance. Neil, of course, couldn't name one... 

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