Farewell to Taiwan, to a place I'm happy to have called home for a year. To the easiest place in the world to survive, and live, despite not speaking the native language. To a country so unexpected, so unplanned, that I only discovered you a month before I actually met you.

Even now, as I'm leaving, I can't believe I was ever really here.

I will miss the endless summer and never needing more than a hoodie, even in the depths of winter. I will miss driving half an hour of the city to find myself lost in nature. I will miss the 24-hr stores, fulfilling my every craving at every hour. More than anywhere else, you truly deserve the name of the city that never sleeps.

The chocolate may be sub-par and the grapes eye-wateringly expensive, but for all the reasons I could complain, there are a dozen more reasons not to.

And even though it's time to leave, I'm already imagining my return because you'll always have so much to offer.