In May 2016, my best friend whisked me away to Valencia, Spain for a long weekend as a birthday treat. She kept it a surprise until we arrived at the airport, where she eagerly showed me the tickets and I finally found out the location she'd been keeping secret for four months.

We stayed at 
Hotel Neptuno. It's located right by the beach and has gym facilities in the basement available for all guests. We took full advantage of the ping pong table, jacuzzi and sauna, but left the actual gym equipment alone. There was always plenty of taxis outside for when we wanted to go into the city and along the board walk, there were lots of restaurants, but it wasn't a noisy, busy place. It was great place to stay for a relaxing weekend away. 

The day we arrived was spent on the beach and wandering around close by to the hotel. On the Saturday, we took a taxi back into the city and spent an afternoon at the Oceanografic. Despite being a weekend, the place was fairly quiet. We got through all the aquariums quite fast, but if you prefer to take your time, there's plenty to see. After getting something to eat, we made our way to the highlight of the day - the dolphin show. 

Unlike the rest of the day, at this point, the Oceanografic seemed pretty busy. The place filled up and soon enough, the show began. As the trainers spoke, the audience laughed, but as it was in Spanish, we didn't get the joke.

The language barrier wasn't a big issue though. The dolphins were swimming and jumping around the whole time, holding our attention. I can't remember exactly how long the show last, but it was a good half an hour before the crowds started piling out again. If you're visiting the Oceanografic, I highly recommend making a note of the time the dolphin show starts and getting there a little early to secure a good seat.

One of the things that sold Rachel on Valencia was the Old Town at night. After a rainy Sunday, it seemed to clear up and we ventured back out. Another cab took us to the Old Town. Luckily, they're inexpensive. We walked through the streets for a few hours, admiring the buildings. The photos don't do it justice, but it was definitely worth it. 

By about 10 o'clock, we were getting hungry. We found a place that was essentially TGI Fridays and went to town on shared appetizers. At this point, I've no idea what our main meal was but knowing me it was probably ribs. The whole meal was delicious and I'd definitely revisit if I was in Valencia again. 

Our flight home wasn't until the evening, so we made the most of our last morning in Valencia by taking a trip to the science museum. Our original intention was to hit up the art museum afterward but after a few hours of fun in the science museum, we decided to skip it. There was no way we'd enjoy it nearly as much.

Unlike all the museums I've been to in London, the displays were interactive. There were sections dedicated to electricity, the body and plenty more. Each section seemed like its own arcade! We had fun challenging each other to body tests. We needed to know, for science, which of us could jump higher... right?

We did slip into an astronaut training session, but snuck out when we realised it was for kids. You win some, you lose some.

I'd recommend viewing the art museum first if you want to do both, because there's no way anything can match up to the science museum.

Back at the hotel, we had everything packed and ready to go. With a few hours left till check out, we took one last stroll by the beach. We went all the way down the pier and stayed at the bottom, looking through the binoculures for a while before heading back. 

Valencia is starting to get more attention as a holiday destination, but while we were there we found it to be fairly tourist free. No where we went was too crowded (and I have a very low tolerance to crowded), so it was easy to have a relaxing weekend. 

It was a great weekend, but we still have more things we want to do there, so it'd be nice to revisit sometime in the (hopefully near) future. 

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