We were searching for Safulak Art Village when we decided to check out the trails around Baoshan Reservoir instead. The rest area we'd pulled into (multiple times) had a great view, so we figured it would be worth a walk around. The maps in the area are very clear too, so there's no need to worry that you'll get lost (like a lot of other trails)! 

Unlike a lot of trails in Taiwan, the paths around Baoshan Reservoir are pretty quiet. It seems like every family in Taiwan spends their weekends walking and hiking in nature. They like to go fast, too, so it can be pretty stressful trying to stay ahead of them sometimes. The lack of people around these trails makes it one of my favourites (despite it not being nearly as fun as the trails that involve climbing up and down rocks and pulling yourself up with ropes). If you're looking for an escape from the constantly busy Taiwan, it's worth visiting this place.

After crossing the bridge, we went uphill first, figuring that since the trail had an end on the map, it wouldn't take long and we'd be back down pretty quickly. Instead, when we came to the end of the map, we kept going... and stumbled upon a fruit farm. It was pretty cool, but we lost our nerve and hurried back the way we came when we spotted a huge spider. 

The rest of the trail was pretty flat. We saw one or two families along the way, but we kept stopping to get a closer look at some of the (tiny, cute, adorable) lizards running around on the paths. There's a second bridge along the Baoshan trails and we opted to cross it instead of going back on ourselves to the one we started at. 

While there were some pretty spectacular views (at some points) to be seen as we struggled uphill, it's worth mentioning that across from the second bridge there isn't much reason to bother with it. You end up at least ten minutes away from the car park that the trail actually starts at and have to walk on the road, keeping an eye out for cars that speed around corners and don't take much notice of pedestrians. 

Since we'd failed to bring water with us (it was in our bike, but since the trails are relatively short, we figured we didn't need to bother bringing it with us), so we were extremely thirsty by the time we reached the car park again. Combined with the heat, the last leg was probably more physically strenuous than it should've been. All in all, the trails around Baoshan Reservoir make for a lovely, peaceful stroll. 

Just avoid the fruit farm if you're arachnophobic. 

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