I like taking photos as much as the next person when I'm out and about, exploring new places and doing exciting things. But sometimes, it's fun to store those memories in more unusual ways. Whether it's digital, through blogging or an album on facebook, or physical, like a photo album, why not bring some fun into it?

1. Collecting postcards.

When Neil and I first started traveling together, we'd send a postcard home with the date of the trip on it. We kept it simple, but you could write more about your trip if you wanted to. It's a nice reminder of a weekend trip halfway through the work week that we couldn't wait to get through the post.

2. Art journal.

If you like drawing, why not sketch your travels? A small A5 artist pad won't take up too much space in your carry on and forces you to sit down with a beautiful scene for a little longer to really take it in. You can do quick sketches or full blown masterpieces. However you do it, it's a great way to remember the stunning locations you've visited.

3. Taking photos on a disposable or a Polaroid camera.
It's not the most unusual way to record your travels, but instead of taking 100 photos for the perfect shot on a digital camera or a phone, switch it out for a disposable or a Polaroid camera. When I went to Valencia, Spain, with my best friend, we took a disposable camera. We still haven't developed the photos, but I'm looking forward to seeing pictures that I haven't already. A Polaroid camera may not delay seeing them, but it's still more candid than a DSLR is sure to be.

4. Scrapbooks or destination boxes.

Do you keep hold of every receipt, ticket and leaflet you come across on your travels? Instead of storing them in a box at the back of a cupboard, give them a home in a scrapbook or a designated space on a shelf. For the regular jet setter, a destination box will show your love of travel in your home. Visit Pinterest for some ideas on how to make one.

5. Use a scratch map or "Where I've Been" app.

Track your travels on a map. Scratch maps are becoming popular, but if that's not your thing, any world map with your destinations pinned work well. I'd love to have a piece of yarn showing my movements from place to place. That way I can relive the epic travels I spent months planning for! If, like me, your travels are never ending, you can track how much of the world you've seen through apps on your phone.

6.  Souvenirs and collections.

Similar to sending post cards of your locations home, why not keep hold of some currency from your latest holiday? This is especially handy if you know you'll be needing the currency again sometime. You could also start a themed collection of souvenirs. My aunt and uncle have a collection of fridge magnets from all over the world. If that's not your thing, try something else. Oversized tourist t-shirts for sleeping in? Number plates? Non-perishable, country specific food items? The list is endless.

7. Make a blanket.

For those of you who possess even an ounce of talent with needle and thread, you could make a travel blanket for your home. Collect flags from the countries you've visited, of varying sizes, and make yourself a patch work quilt out of them. It's guaranteed to be a conversation started if kept in the living room or the guest room.

8. City prints.

You can get almost anything online these days, including beautiful city prints. Whatever your preferred style, there's bound to be something for you. Modern and minimalist? Go for a cityscape on a plain white background. Bohemian? Frame a handpainted scene from a local artist. Of course, you don't just have to frame professional art work! Your own photos will look great on your wall.

9. Tattoos.

If you like to use your body as the canvas, getting travel tattoos is a great idea. You could get a travel themed tattoo to show off your love of it to everyone. Alternatively, you could get a tattoo in (maybe) every country you go to! While I wouldn't recommend walking into any tattoo shop and getting it done, if you take some time to research reputable tattoo artists in your location beforehand it might be possible. Trust your own judgement on it. If you aren't comfortable with the people or the surroundings, leave. In Taiwan, most tattoo shops look too dirty for me to risk it, but I found one fairly local that I'd be happy to get tattooed in.

10. Photo challenges.

Get creative with your photography! You could replicate the same pose in different locations all over the world, challenge yourself to a theme of photograph (colour, subject, etc) and just commit to taking a photo a day. Whatever you decide to do, you'll probably see an improvement in your photography just from giving yourself some restraints to work within. 

11. Use your own hashtag!

It's popular to have a hashtag for a wedding, but why not on a group holiday? Get all your friends to share their photos with a unique to you hashtag! You probably couldn't go for #travelspain but get creative. #Class95Spain17? Probably barely used! 

12. Blogging and vlogging.

I saved the most obvious for last! Travel blogging and travel vlogging are huge industries and a lot of fun. Despite the hard work, they really force you to make the most of every moment! Suddenly you find yourself searching for more than the tourist attractions of every location. Plus, you get to relive your trips on a regular basis this way!

How do you record your travels? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe for future posts!

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